Vanna’s Easy A Part 1: Rumors Run Wild


Vanna’s Easy A (Part 1 of 3): This is the story of Vanna, a hot High School girl telling her truth about a recent incident. Her life was going relatively well, but her best friend Codey wasn’t so lucky. His mates Daniel and Nick were constantly bullying him for being a virgin, but his bestie Vanna wouldn’t tolerate seeing him in pain. When the two go to her house to study, Codey explains to her how he struggles around girls and his difficulties in getting laid. Understanding of her best friend’s situation, Vanna agrees to initiate him sexually (and try some stuff out while at it), the best way for him to avoid being bullied. However, Vanna knows that this little favor would bite her in the ass, eventually. The next day, the rumor spreads out and gets blown out of proportion, with Nick and Daniel teasing her for having sex with the whole debate team. As the row escalates, the teacher sends the group to detention. What’s Vanna supposed to do now? Stay tuned!

Category: team skeet
Added on: May 26, 2024

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