Evie’s Attitude Adjustment


When coach Charles Dera learns of Evie’s toxic behavior towards her teammates, he pulls her into his office for an immediate solution. If he doesn’t reel in Evie’s attitude, who knows what other trouble she’ll cause? Charles wants to put Evie in the Brat Tamer program, a course in which Evie’s attitude will see a severe readjustment. The program is rigorous and involves many unconventional, highly sexual tactics. Each step in the Brat Tamer program will have Evie submit to Charles and turn her from a snarky teen brat into a respectful girl who leads life with compassion and a desire to please. Charles knows he can’t hold back and has to put on a stern face from the get-go. While Evie holds her hands above her head, Charles slaps Evie’s perky tits. Each slap brings Evie closer to submission and brings down her attitude a little more. She feels oddly turned on by the situation. She’s always been the chick in charge, but submitting to her coach, an older man, unlocked something inside of her. Evie doesn’t want to give Charles the satisfaction, but her pussy is starting to get wet from the slapping and the dirty talk. Charles is no fool, and he finds out anyway, which gives him the upper hand – he knows now that Evie wants to be disciplined. The next day, Charles brings Evie’s stepmom, Lolly, in on the program. It’s one thing for Charles to know how to keep Evie in check, but her stepmom should know, too. Evie tries to keep her stepmom from the meeting, but her plan backfires, and Charles gets the upper hand again. Charles plays with Evie’s pussy before getting her on her knees to suck his cock. Watching her stepdaughter suck dick is highly erotic for Lolly, despite her knowing how fucked up and taboo it is. Not to mention, Charles has been laying it on thick, flirting and seducing the milf. Lolly joins in and sucks Charles’s cock as well, helping Evie to see how a mature, disciplined woman gives a blowjob. Charles takes the reform program all the way when he makes Evie watch as he fucks her stepmom in front of her. He knows Evie wants to get fucked, but he won’t give her the satisfaction yet – she needs to watch first and see that he’s in charge. Only after he’s fucked Lolly good and hard for a while does he give Evie his cock. Charles doesn’t hold back and fucks both babes with intensity. The threesome is as kinky as it gets, with Lolly eating Charles’s ass, Evie getting choked by her stepmom, pussy eating, and everything else that makes for a good time. The program comes to its close when Charles shoots his load all over Evie’s face. She gets cum in her mouth and all over her lips. It’s the biggest load she’s ever taken, and she looks up at Charles lustfully as he gives her every drop he can. It’s apparent that she likes being reprimanded, so it’ll be up to Charles and Lolly to keep the rascally girl in check.

Category: Brat Tamer, team skeet
Added on: April 9, 2024
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