Use My Holy Hole


Sarah is an old-fashioned mom trying to raise her stepson Parker with religious values. Yet, the boy is going through puberty and he’s not focusing on his bible studies as he should be. Instead, Sarah discovers him watching porn on his phone, and to make things even worse, she realizes her boy has a thing for mature women! Lost, the sexy housewife seeks guidance from God. After praying, she finally receives a holy message: it’s her job to teach Parker how to handle his urges! Sarah immediately calls her stepson up to her room and guides him through his curiosity. He needs to learn how to handle truly juicy tits by squeezing his stepmom’s luscious jugs. Noticing how turned on her stepson gets, she takes things a step further and lets him enter her backdoor. Some things should be sacred, so it’s best if Parker pounds his stepmom’s asshole instead of her pussy to keep things straight. Sarah enjoys their bonding experience, letting her boy paint her face with cum. God truly works in mysterious ways!

Actors: Sarah Jessie
Category: Anal Mom
Added on: June 29, 2024

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