You’re So Dirty


Alexia knows her stepdad Jerry is a peeping Tom, but instead of telling her mom about it, she prefers to play with the horny daddy. She knows her body is firm and luscious, so she decides to stretch outside of the house, knowing that Jerry will eventually show up to check on her juicy ass. Once he does, Alexia acts all innocent and pretends to be surprised, but she also gifts the guy with a stunning view of her firm butt. This makes Jerry go wild, crossing the line between them to feel that thick ass on his hands. Alexia plays the naive card once more, telling him he’s a dirty man, but she accepts his invitation and goes back inside to have her nipples sucked by Jerry. Alexia discovers her stepdad’s naughty talents as the man rubs her pussy and kisses her like no man ever did before. Surprised by how well-hung Jerry is, Alexia sits on his cock and goes for a wild ride, letting him use her holes however he pleases.

Category: team skeet
Added on: April 4, 2024

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