We Could Use a Helping Hand


Parker has the hots for his stepsister Athena. When he sees he changing, he gets a glimpse of her perfect itty bitty titties. He’s immediately turned on, and the lust he has for his stepsis mounts to an all-time high. Parker needs to know what it’s like to feel Athena’s skin against his, to have her nipples slide down his abs as she works her mouth towards his cock, to feel her pussy as he pumps it full with his cock. His desires for her surge through his brain, and he explains a master plan to his friend Rion. Rion’s stepsister, Ellie, is close friends with Athena, so Parker knows that if they can play their cards right, they can fuck each other’s stepsisters before swapping and getting the chance to fuck their own stepsisters. Fortunately for Rion and Parker, their stepsisters have recently made a pact to help anyone in need! So the sneaky studs set their plan in motion – they’ll feign injuries and get their stepsisters to jerk them off. Once their stepsisters have a little fun playing with cocks, they’ll be so horny that they’ll want to fuck then and there. Rion and Parker pretend to hurt their arms, so Athena springs into action. When it comes out that the guys want the girls to suck their cocks, Ellie questions how far they should go to lend a helping hand. Athena assures Ellie that Parker and Rion are being sincere, so the girls get to work. It’s weird at first, sucking cocks side by side – especially when those cocks belong to their stepbrothers. But it’s not so bad since Athena is with Rion and Ellie is with Parker. As the girls suck cock, they get more and more turned on. It’s a wild sensation being so exposed and sexual in the same room with one another. Even though Ellie is sucking his cock, Parker can’t take his eyes off Athena. He wants his stepsister badly, and as he watches her, Athena’s lust for him grows as well. The guys spring their plan a step further and tell the girls they need pussy. The girls are unsure at first, but now that they’re so turned on, they go forward with it. Parker and Rion can’t believe their plan is working, and getting their dicks wet feels surreal. Ellie and Athena are starting to forget all about their pact and instead are enjoying having cocks deep inside of them. They feel a little naughty, but more than anything, they just want to keep riding for their own pleasure. When the guys know the time is right, they initiate their final step – the sis swap! It’s a taboo idea, and both Ellie and Athena know it would be wrong to fuck their own stepbrothers. But they’ve come this far and are so horny that the idea sounds more thrilling than fucked up. The guys switch, and Parker finally gets to fuck his stepsister. Her pussy feels even more incredible than he could have imagined. When they meet eyes, they both know this is what they’ve wanted for a long time but haven’t been able to express it. The group fucks until the guys can’t hold their loads any longer. Parker and Rion nut all over their stepsisters’ faces, and the girls share a cum-filled kiss.

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Added on: April 3, 2024

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