A Chance With My Boss


Claire has always had a crush on her boss, Joey. She has even caught him and his wife having sex…They have a really active sex life, so Claire thinks she doesn’t really have a chance with him. One day, she drops some water on her skirt, and as she tries to use the dryer, she takes off her skirt and puts it in. Suddenly, she is stuck and she can’t go anywhere. When Joey arrives, he mistakes Claire for his wife and starts to play with Claire’s pussy while she’s stuck. Claire enjoys the confusion in silence as she feels her boss’ warm fingers rubbing her snatch. Joey slaps Claire’s ass and lusts all over it, eager to use the babysitter as a fuckhole. He’s even surprised by how tight his supposed wife’s pussy is but decides to go in anyway, drilling that hole with passion. Suddenly, Claire comes out and Joey is shocked, but the naughty babysitter swears to keep it a secret if he finishes what he started and stuffs her up real nice.

Category: team skeet
Added on: March 30, 2024

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