Too Comfortable


Scarlett decides to pay her family a visit. When she arrives, her mom is not around, but her stepdad Ike is, and the sweet girl has always had a secret crush on him. With her mom out, Scarlett decides to make her move and surprise her stepdad by masturbating with a vibrator on the couch. Ike is shocked to find her pleasing herself, but he can hardly resist the temptress’ lustful powers, letting her suck his cock. As Scarlett gets more and more comfortable, she starts masturbating everywhere around the house. Worried that this will get him divorced, Ike tries to stop Alexis, realizing he has no control over her. Soon, he finds himself fucking his stepdaughter in the middle of the kitchen, bouncing her pussy over his cock. Now that Scarlett has had a taste of her stepdad’s cock inside of her, she will take any chance she can get to for another round!

Actors: Scarlett Alexis
Category: Dad Crush
Added on: April 25, 2024

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